OpenAble: the solution to overcome digital architectural barriers.

OpenAble: the web content accessibility tool.
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In the European Union 1 in 4 people have a form of disability*.

Accept the challenge and offer an inclusive, personalized, empathetic experience.

“Over 10 years ago I discovered I was dyslexic. I’m using OpenAble on some news websites and on first impression I’m able to follow and understand the news much better.”

– Marzia C.

“Suffering from epileptic seizures affected my life, even my digital one. I tried OpenAble on my bank’s website, and thanks to it I feel much safer.”

– Francesco M.

“Maybe web designers don’t realize it, but the fonts are almost always too small. With OpenAble’s remote control I can use my smartphone to zoom in on the content of web pages.”

– Alessandra V.

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Each button allows you to interact with the content of the webpage by activating, deactivating and adjusting one or more values.

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You can control the configurations of webpages directly from your mobile phone or tablet, in a convenient and simple way.

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Authenticated users will be able to create and save their own custom profiles with personalized adjustments.